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Impact Dot Matrix Printer Mechanisms


Printing speed: 3.0 lines/sec
Paper roll 76mm
2 color printing

  • 76mm paper width
  • 3.0 lines/sec printing speed
  • 24V operation
  • 2 color printing

Model DP-420 DP-430
Printing method Serial impact dot matrix
Printing direction Bi-directional
Printing speed Approx. 3.0 lines/sec.
Number of columns 42 columns, 189 dots/line
Font 7 × 7 matrix 7 × 9 matrix
Number of wires 7 pins 9 pins
Character size (W × H) 1.31 × 2.4mm 1.31 × 3.1mm
Character pitch 1.52mm
Line spacing 4.23 or 2.82 mm(1/6 or 1/9 inch) / Min. 1.41mm(1/18 inch)
Motor Voltage: 24V±5% V DC / Current: Peak Approx. 1A/ Average less than 0.2A
Reset pulse sensor Photo interrupter
Dot pulse sensor Photo interrupter
Home position sensor Photo interrupter
Paper out sensor Photo interrupter
Black mark sensor (option) Photo interrupter
Printing solenoid Voltage: 24V±5% V DC / Resistance: 17Ω(25°C)
Printing feed solenoid Voltage: 24V±5% V DC / Resistance: 34Ω(25°C)
Color change solenoid Voltage: 24V±5% V DC / Resistance: 34Ω(25°C)
Connecting method FFC or FPC cable
Paper feeding Friction feed or sprocket feed
Printing paper 76±0.5 x φ83mm
Copy Original + 1 copy
Ink ribbon cartridge Two colors (Red and Black), Single color (Black)
Paper feeding speed Approx. 28 lines/sec.
External dimensions (W × D × H) 122 × 92 × 45mm
Weight Approx. 470g
Operating temp. range 0~50°C
Storage temp. range -20~70°C
Reliability Mechanism: MCBF 2.5 million lines / Head: 80 million characters


Auto cutter Ink ribbon cartridge
ACS-234 IR-41B, RB

Paper winder