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Impact Dot Matrix Printer Mechanisms


Printing speed: 5.6/4.3 lines/sec
Paper roll 76mm
2 color printing

  • 76mm paper width
  • 4.3 lines/sec printing speed
  • 24V operation
  • 2 color printing

Model DP-330
Printing method Serial impact dot matrix
Printing direction Bi-directional(Logic seeking control)
Printing speed Approx. 4.3 lines/sec.(76mm paper width)
Number of columns Approx. 42 columns(76mm paper width)
Total no. of dot 210 dots(420 positions)
Font 7 × 9 matrix
Number of wires 9 pins
Character size(W × H) 1.25 × 3.12mm(7 × 9 dots)/1.25 × 2.42mm(7 × 7 dots)
Character pitch 1.59mm
Line spacing Minimum 0.176mm(1/144 inch)
Home position sensor Photo interrupter
Paper end sensor Photo interrupter
Motor Carriage Stepping motor Voltage: 24V±5% V DC /Resistance: 20Ω(25°C)
Paper feeding Stepping motor Voltage: 24V±5% V DC /Resistance: 20Ω(25°C)
Printing paper 76 × Φ83mm
Copy capability Original + 1 copy
Ink ribbon cartridge Two colors (Red and Black), Single color (Black)
Paper feeding speed Approx. 34 lines/sec.
External dimensions (W × D × H) 126.7 × 97.5 × 52.7mm
Weight 485g (Included ribbon cartridge)
Operating temp. range 0~50°C
Storage temp. range -20~70°C
Reliability Mechanism: MCBF 5.0 million lines / Head: 100 million characters


Control board Auto cutter Ink ribbon cartridge
BD1-3000 ACS-236 IR31B, RB