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Printing speed:300 mm/sec
Paper roll 58mm
Paper roll 60mm
Paper roll 80mm
Paper roll 83mm

Paper front exit type

Built-in power supply type AC adapter type

Paper roll
Paper roll
Paper roll
Paper roll
82.5mm 80mm 60mm 58mm

The CT-S851 represents the industry's first "Front Exit" and "Intelligent" POS printer with a back lit graphic LCD display; which includes an editor to customize display messages - a great value-add for end users. The CT-S851 is ideal for a variety of applications and any environment. At 300mm/second print speed, it is the ?Next Best POS Printing Solution? when a front exit receipt is required.

  • A truly, unique printer: the industry's first POS printer with a backlit graphic LCD display and LED communicates with you.
  • The world's fastest(*), most reliable, easiest to configure and customize POS printer.
  • 300mm/sec providing the fastest printing results for customers.
  • Longer cutter life delivers lower maintenance costs
  • Greater reliability delivers longer life & lower maintenance costs
  • Wider paper width allows printing of additional information & larger fonts
  • USB standard meets market standardization requirements
  • 2D/PDF417 bar code support allows wider applications
  • Built in buzzer provides audible alert without adding extra cost devices
  • Built in power supply eliminates unsightly "brick" and frees up space
  • Printer drivers included are: Windows XP (32 and 64 bit), Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit), Java POS, OPOS and CUPS.
  • Can be desktop or wall mounted.

              (*): as of June 2009

Easy maintenance

Easy to clear paper jam by open the top cover and the front cover

Splash proof

(IEC60529 IPX1)

LCD Display
•LCD indicates the printer's status, button names, types of errors, and messages.
•Installation of vertical or wall-mount, memory switch settings invert the LCD icons.
•LCD and LED auto power OFF function.
•Easy maintenace of printer head and cutter with using of LCD and LED messages.

Green color LCD for "normal operation" Red color LCD for "error happened"
Operation panel LCD display

LCD display (normal and inverted images)

•Green: Power is on.
•Red: Operates in special modes or in errors.
•Orange: Paper is low (paper near-end) or print head is hot.

Buttons and icon
•FEED button: To feed the paper.
•MENU button: Press and hold this button to access the momory switch setting mode.
•PAPER LOW icon: It dappears when the paper roll is near its end.
•LOCK icon: It displays when the MENU button is inoperative.



Printing method

Line thermal dot print method

Printing width

80 mm / 640 dots, 72 mm / 576 dots,
64 mm / 512 dots, 54.5 mm / 436 dots,
54 mm / 432 dots, 52.5 mm / 420 dots,
48 mm / 384 dots, 45 mm / 360 dots,
48.75 mm / 390 dots, 68.25 mm / 546 dots

Dot density

8 × 8 dots / mm (203 dpi)

Print speed

Max. 300 mm/sec, 2400 dots lines / sec. (fastest, print density 100%)

Number of print columns

Font 83mm 80mm 60mm 58mm Dot configuration
Font A 53 48 36 35 12 × 24
Font B 71 64 48 46 9 × 17
Font C 80 72 54 52 8 × 16

Character size (W × H)

Font A: 1.50 × 3.00 mm
Font B: 1.13 × 2.13 mm
Font C: 1.00 × 2.00 mm

Character type

Alphanumeric, International, PC437 PC850/852/857/858/860/863/864/865/866/
WPC1252/Katakana/Thai code 18


128 × 32 dots STN liquid crystal, white/red LED backlit

User memory

384 Kb (capable of storing user-defined characters and logos)

Barcode type

UPC-A/E, JAN(EAN) 13/8 columns, ITF, CODE 39,
CODE 128, CODABAR (NW-7), CODE 93, PDF417, QR Code

Line spacing

4.23mm (1/6 inch) (changeable using commands)

Paper roll

Paper roll: 83+0/-1 mm, 80+0/-1 mm, 60+0/-1 mm, 58 mm+0/-1 × Φ 80 mm
Paper thickness: 0.065 - 0.075mm (core tube diameter: inner 12 mm/outer 18mm)
0.075 - 0.150mm (core tube diameter: inner 25.4 mm/outer 32 mm)


Serial (RS-232C compliant), Parallel (IEEE1284 compliant), USB,
USB with hub, Ethernet, powered USB

Cash drawer kick-out

Supports 2 cash drawers

External device port

RJ-45, 8-pin connector

Buffer size

4K bytes / 45 bytes

Supply voltage

DC 24V ± 5%

Power consumption

Approx. 45 W (normal printing), 3W (standby)

AC adapter
(36AD2, 36AD3)

Rated input: AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 150 VA
Rated output: DC24 V, 2.1 A


CT-S851S (Built-in power supply type): 1.9kg
CT-S851A (AC adaptor type): 1.5kg

Outer dimensions
(W × D × H)

CT-S851S (Built-in power supply type): 145 × 192 × 142 mm
CT-S851A (AC adaptor type): 145 × 192 × 114 mm

Operating temperature
and humidity

5 to 45 °C, 10 to 90 % RH (no condensation)

Storage temperature
and humidity

-20 to 60 °C, 10 to 90 % RH (no condensation)

Reliability (*4)

Print head life: 150 km, 200 million pulses
Auto cutter life: 2 million cuts (full cut), 1.6 million cuts (partial cut)

Safety standards

UL, C-UL, FCC class A, TUV-Bauart, CE marking

(*1) When paper width is 83, 80, 60 or 58 mm.

(*2) The number of printable column is selected using a memory switch. The number of columns noted in this able refer to typical models. The number of columns varies depending on specifications.

(*3) Characters appear small because the dimensions include a blank area surrounding each character.

(*4) At normal temperature and humidity using recommended paper.

(*5) Compliant if the Citizen Systems AC adapter (36AD2/36AD3) is used.

Type classification 



















(1) Model type CT-S851
(2) Power Supply DC: No power source
S: Built-in power supply type (AC adaptor built-in)
A: AC adaptor type
(3)Paper width 2: 2 inch (58/60mm)
3: 3 inch (80/83mm)
(4) Interface PA: Parallere (IEEE 1284)
RS: Serial (RS-232C)
UB: USB only
UH: USB with hub
ET: Ethernet (standard type)
ES: Ethernet (multi-function type)
UP: Powered USB
(5) Market U: USA
E: Europe/Asia
C: China
*AC power cord, serial I/F screw,
firmware and other specifications vary according to markets.
(6) Body case color WH: Cool white
BK: Black
(7) PNE sensor None: withtout PNE sensor
P: with PNE sensor
(8) Label None: Standard type
L: Label type
(9) /Black mark None: No sensor
M1: Right
M2: Left


Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP

Windows 2003



"Model information" "Memory switch"
Customization for "Attributes" Customization for "User font"

Accessories (Standard)

AC adaptor
*AC adaptor type (A) only
AC power cord
Interface cover
AC adaptor type (A)
Interface cover
Built-in power supply type(S)
Sample paper roll Power switch cover
CD-ROM (Driver/Manual) Quick start guide  

Accessories (Optional)

Interface card

TZ66802 (IF1-PA01)
TZ66801 (IF1-RS01)
TZ66803 (IF1-UB01)
TZ66809 (IF1-UH01)
Powered USB
TZ66804 (IF1-UP01)
Ethernet (multi-function type)
TZ69901 (IF1-es01)

Other accessory

  • Splash proof cover
  • Vertical mount stand
  • Wall mount kit