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Paper roll : 76-89mm

  • Paper auto loading 
  • Compatibility (CBM, ESC/POS, Star)
  • 6K bytes input buffer
  • Auto cutter (iDP3551)
  • Auto winder option (AW-3)
  • Cash drawer kick-out
  • Pinfeed version (iDP3550P)
  • Two color printing

Model iDP3550F iDP3550P iDP3551F
Printing method Serial impact dot matrix
Printing direction Bidirectional
Head pins 9 pins
Font 7 x 9 matrix
Number of columns 40 columns
Printing speed 3.6 lines/sec.(DP-654),  3.0 lines/sec.(DP-657)
Character size (W x H) 1.36 x 2.4 mm (DP-654), 1.20 x 2.4 mm (DP-657)
Character set Alphanumeric, International, Code page 437,850, 860, 863, 865, 852, 866, 857, WPC1252 
Line spacing 4.23 mm (DP-654), 2.82 mm (DP-657)
Character pitch 1.59mm (DP-654), 1.46mm (DP-657)
Line feed speed 18 lines/sec. (DP-654), 15 lines/sec. (DP-657)
Paper feed method Friction Sprocket Friction
Paper 76mm roll paper 76 ~ 89 mm Fanfold paper 76mm roll paper
Interface Parallel (Centronics), Serial (RS-232C)
Input buffer 6K bytes
Paper end sensor Equipped None Equipped
Auto cutter None None Partial/full cut
Paper winder AW-3 (Option) None AW-3 (Option)
Cash drawer kick-out 2 drawers
Ink ribbon cartridge Two colors (Red and Black), Single color (Black)
Power supply AC 100/120/230V
Power consumption 30W
Weight Approx. 2.8 Kg Approx. 2.8 Kg Approx. 3 Kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 160 x 184 x 173 mm 160 x 184 x 173 mm 160 x 184 x 199.3 mm
Operating environment 0 ~ 40°C
Storage environment -20 ~ 60°C
Reliability Printer: MCBF 4 million lines
Printer head: 80 million characters
Printer: MCBF 4 million lines
Printer head: 80 million char.
Auto cutter: 300,000 cuts
EMC and safety standards UL, C-UL, FCC class A, TUV-GS, CE marking



Paper Basket

Ink ribbon cartridge
 IR-61B (Black)  IR-61RB (Red/Black)

Auto Cutter

 DP-650 Series